Round 2? #Grateful

In 2005 I began a new musical journey with The Bangkok Five. We made music and travelled the world touting our messages ‘Who’s Gonna Take Us Alive?’ & ‘We Love What Kills Us’. Somewhere along that blur-ride members came and went and the line up changed over the years.Earlier this year I rejoined musical forces with Brian Murphy & Gregory Alan Coates to play drums in Pleasure Burn. It had been about 7-8 years since we played together but from the moment we got in the rehearsal space it all came rushing back and felt so natural. Brian’s songwriting skills combined with the fattest pocket making bass player makes my life so happy and I really want to share my bliss with each and every one of you.

All I have ever wanted with my life was to share my passion and my creations, to have the ability and opportunity to create perpetually and to remain true to who I am for better and worse.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you out to our final rock show of 2015. Come hang out, enjoy yourself with good people listening to great music. Meet someone new or meet up with someone old. I would love to see all of you and have a wonderful evening of light, love and music with my friends and family.

Hope you can make it out.  Dec 10th @ Silverlake Lounge. 

Ray Blanco


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